Lane Cove House Kitchen, Sydney, 2013

At Greener we pride ourselves on doing things a little bit differently.  Since our very first project in 2007, we have had a serious passion for designing kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces with the environment and your environment in mind.  We would love to help you create a space that inspires you and enhances the experiences that happen in it, crafted from materials that are healthier and have a verified reduced environmental impact.


Spaces made from materials that come from who knows where, made from who knows what, that last just long enough to be out of style and thrown into landfill just don't seem right to us, belonging to a throwaway world responsible for the destruction of our precious resources.


We believe sustainability is also about authenticity, creating spaces that respond to people, not passing trends.  Our goal is to create spaces that are a manifestation of the needs and wants of its occupants, so they might be treasured and loved and have longevity, because they make perfect sense.


The things that inform our work are:

Responsibly sourced wood, wood products and plywoods
Healthy indoor air
Locally sourced
Very low or no emission materials and finishes

Fitness for purpose
Where things come from and where they are going to end up
Real value for money

Making loved spaces that last


We offer our services to clients in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


Our experience covers residential, multi-residential, hospitality and retail projects.