Nundah, Brisbane















Photography by Nick Morrissey

The brief was simple for this kitchen.  A space that would be fresh and calm and harmonise with the beautiful old 'bones' of a timber Queenslander being renovated in the inner north suburb of Nundah, Brisbane.

We are biased of course, but we really hope we nailed it!  The crisp white laminated birch ply doors are about as family friendly and long lasting as you can get, partnered in the simple palette by just enough clear finished birch ply to warm up the room without breaking the budget.  The swirly grain of the birch ply travels pattern matched across the back of the island and the edge of the wall shelf, and the liney ply edge laminations are expressed on the top of every door and drawer.  And we made sure the ply is Chain of Custody Certified, so we know for sure it is supporting and encouraging responsible forestry, a little choice that means a lot!

The back wall of the kitchen has very deliberately positioned windows, a full application of tiles and the cantilevered ply wall shelf.  The top window frames a view of the sky and treetops and the tiles catch little reflections of the greenery in the backyard which makes the kitchen feel really connected to its surroundings (which we like, lots!)  The operable splash-back window creates cross ventilation as well as natural light for tasks, and the shelf allows an ever changing platform for greenery, embellishments and practical bits and bobs.

The little larder off to the side has an appliance bench with a separate sink, and loads of open shelf storage making use of the lovely high ceilings.

A friend of our client's said 'it is such a fitting kitchen for a lovely tropical Queenslander', which was about the best compliment we could possibly get.  

Thank you so much H+S+M for the privilege of designing a greener kitchen for your new home.  




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