Geelong, Victoria


After an amazing experience designing Jamie’s Ministry of Food in Ipswich in 2011 and the kitchen in the back of the Queensland Food Truck in 2012 we were super chuffed to be invited to do it all again in 2013 in Geelong.   The Ministry of Food Centres are purpose built kitchen classrooms, spreading the joy of cooking good nutrious food from scratch.  Amazing things happen in these kitchens, that really do change lives for the better.  What an incredible privilege to be a part of!


We put all of our usual greener kitchens thinking into this project, ensuring it is a healthy, super environmentally friendly and locally sourced space.  We were incredibly proud to be able to design a kitchen for Jamie made entirely from chain of custody certified or recycled materials, with a good bit of help from our good mates at Gunnersen (thanks guys!) with no or low emission finishes throughout.  Makes sense to have a healthy, responsibly sourced kitchen to learn to cook healthy, responsibly sourced food in right!


To our collective delight the project won the Hospitality Category in the Home Design Magazine, Australian Living Green Interior Awards 2014